Head&Neck Practical

Welcome to your Anatomy-Head & Neck Practical

1) This structure is the:

2) Damage to the transmitting vessel leads primarily to:

3) This structure has communicating branches with:

4) This muscles makes the superior boundary to an anatomical potential space. Infection of this space is most likely to:

5) Structure 13 is which of these "strap muscles"?

6) What is the innervation for this structure?

7) This structures purpose is to:


Name this structure:

9) This structure transmits which of the following:

10) This structure makes the anterioinferior border of which potential space?
11) The structures that lie on both sides of this bone are derived from what embrologic structure?
12) This structure is a part of all of the listed potential spaces, EXCEPT:

13) What is the innervation for this structure?
14) Which of the following muscles is not innervated by this structure?

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Anatomy-Head & Neck Practical
- September 25th 2017