Medical School Pharmacology

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Intro & Pharmacokinetics

Full Playlist- Intro Link

Interactions, Pharmacogenomics, and Adverse Reactions

Full Playlist- Pharmgen/Adverse Effects Link

Endocrine Diseases

Full Playlist- Endocrine Link

Autonomic Pharm

Full Playlist- Automonics Link

Renal, Heart, and Lungs Pharm

Full Playlist- Renal, Heart, Lungs Link

GI and Hemato Pharm

Full Git & Hemato- Name Link

Stimulants, Depressants, and Anesthetics

Full Playlist- CNS Link

Immune: Vaccines, Anti-viral, Anti-cancer

Cell Wall Inhibitors and Anti-microbials

Nucleotide and Protein Inhibitors

Anti-Mycobacterials,Fungals, Helminths, and Protozoa

Pregnancy & Pediatrics